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Stabiae and Oplonti Tour: Step Back in Time

Experience an extraordinary historical journey with our exclusive Stabiae and Oplonti tour service. We offer convenient pick-up from your specified location, be it hotels, B&B, private accommodations or cruise piers. A quick drive from Napoli brings you to the ancient city of Stabiae (Stabia), followed by a visit to Oplonti. Our tour concludes at “La Reggia di Quisisana.” Our dedicated driver will escort you to each site’s entrance and be awaiting your return at the end of your visit.

Discover the Rich History of Stabiae and Oplonti

Prepare for an immersive archaeological exploration. At present, Villa San Marco and Villa Arianna serve as stunning remnants of Roman life. Named after a nearby chapel that stood in the 1700s, Villa San Marco is situated in the hilly area of Castellammare di Stabia. This villa was the first to be explored during the Bourbon era and was undergoing restoration due to earthquake damage at the time of the 79 AD Vesuvius eruption. Villa Arianna, along with Villa San Marco, forms part of the archaeological complex of ancient Stabiae. They represent the urban residential villa category, displaying the features of an ideal vacation home. Your tour will also include a visit to “La Reggia di Quisisana,” a historic residence located in the hilly area of Castellammare di Stabia.

Visit the “Oplonti” and “Poppaea villa”.

The city of Torre Annunziata, previously known as “Oplonti,” was a suburb of Pompeii and, like its famous neighbor, was destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. The discovery of a villa here, thought to belong to Poppea Sabina, Emperor Nero’s second wife, showcases one of the most magnificent and best-preserved examples of a Roman villa. Its splendid sculptures, stunning frescoes, and breath-taking landscapes rival even imperial residences. This unique archaeological journey promises to be a profound and unforgettable experience. 

Explore Nearby Locations and Other Tours

Remember that there are several other remarkable places to visit near the Stabiae ruins. Please refer to the list of nearby points of interest and popular full-day tours. Depending on your time and preferences, you can reserve a comprehensive sightseeing tour of the Stabiae area.

Experience the Local Cuisine

At the time of booking, you can opt to add a culinary experience to your tour. Enjoy a wine tasting session that lasts about an hour and a half at a local farm or winery, where you’ll sample local food and wines.

Please note:

The cost of tastings and lunches is not included in the tour price and must be paid directly to the winery.

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Where specialist knowledge is required, (Archeological Park, Museums, Historic Center), so we recommend an authorized tour guide. With us, it is possible to book a private guide at an additional cost.

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