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Vesuvius Private Tour Service: An Excursion to an Active Volcano

The private tour of Vesuvius is an exciting experience for several reasons. A day trip to the top of an active volcano with our  private car service. Known as the king of Naples, Vesuvius majestically overlooks the Gulf of Naples. Our experienced driver will meet you at your chosen pick-up location and escort you to the peak of Vesuvius. As you ascend, marvel at the breathtaking views of the bay of Naples and the lush Mediterranean vegetation cloaking the volcano’s slopes. The volcanic rocks lining the road are remnants of solidified lava from ancient eruptions, adding a unique element to the landscape. Once at the entrance, you’ll continue on foot for about 900 meters to reach the peak. After your exploration, our driver will be ready to bring you back to your initial pick-up point.

Important Information about the Volcano.

Vesuvius, standing almost 1280 meters high, is the only active volcano in mainland Europe. Its notoriety is enhanced by the fact that it is one of the most dangerous volcanoes due to the dense population in the surrounding area, with houses reaching up to 700 meters in altitude. The devastating eruption of 79 AD buried entire cities, including Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Stabia, under volcanic debris. Its last eruption in 1944 occurred during the Second World War, after which the volcano entered a quiescent phase with low seismicity and fumarolic activity. The alert level for Vesuvius is currently GREEN, indicating normal volcanic activity. The fertile lands surrounding Vesuvius are known for their abundant produce, with many farms and wineries capitalizing on the soil’s richness to produce top-quality products.

Best time to go to Vesuvius.

The trek around the volcano’s cone is moderately easy but may not be suitable for children under 5 years old. We recommend wearing comfortable footwear. The best time to visit Vesuvius is from April to October.

More to Discover: Nearby Locations and Other Tours

Remember that there are many other points of interest in the vicinity of Vesuvius. We suggest that you consider the following nearby locations and popular full-day tours. Depending on your availability and interests, you could book a comprehensive sightseeing tour of the Vesuvius area.

Experience the Local Cuisine

At the time of booking, you can opt to add a culinary experience to your tour. This typically includes a wine tasting that lasts about an hour and a half at a local farm or winery, allowing you to savor the local food and wines.

Please note:

The cost of tastings and lunches is not included in the tour price and must be paid directly to the winery.

For any information on our Vesuvius tour, do not hesitate to contact us

Most popular full day tour

VESUVIUS + POMPEIIfrom €350,00
VESUVIUS + STABIAEfrom €310,00
VESUVIUS + NAPLESfrom €350,00
BE WEARComfortable walking shoes
PRICEfrom € 230,00
AVAILABLEAvailable from March to November


Entrance Fees

Licensed Tour guide

Lunch and Wine testing
Visit of volcano

Where specialist knowledge is required, (Archeological Park, Museums, Historic Center), so we recommend an authorized tour guide. With us, it is possible to book a private guide at an additional cost.

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