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Step Back in Time with Our Herculaneum Tour

Our tour of Herculaneum ruins provides an extraordinary journey through the sands of time. No matter where you are staying—Napoli hotels, B&B, private accommodations, or the cruise port—our dedicated driver will greet you with a nominative sign and escort you to the captivating ruins of Herculaneum. On arrival at this exceptional site, where an entire city was buried under volcanic ash, lapilli, and mud in 79 BC, our driver will drop you off at the entrance and will be ready to take you back after your exploration.

A Glimpse into the Past: Exploring Herculaneum

The Herculaneum tour offers a breathtaking archaeological walk through a city steeped in legend and history. According to myth, the city was founded by none other than Hercules! Over the centuries, the town saw varied dominations and eventually became a coveted residential location for the Roman aristocracy, who admired the area’s mild climate. The archaeological findings, including the splendid villas, offer a thrilling journey into the past.

New discoveries in Herculaneum.

In 2021, a significant discovery was made: the remains of a man believed to be escaping the catastrophic eruption of Vesuvius were found, providing a chilling insight into the final moments of the city’s inhabitants. Nearby, a small bag containing the man’s belongings was unearthed, reaffirming the archaeological richness of the area and the potential for more enlightening discoveries. There’s no doubt that a visit to Herculaneum offers a profoundly impactful and unforgettable experience. 

More to Discover: Nearby Locations and Other Tours

Keep in mind that there are other noteworthy places to visit around the Herculaneum ruins. Below is a short list of nearby points of interest and popular full-day tours. Depending on your schedule and preferences, you may consider booking a comprehensive sightseeing tour of the Herculaneum area.

Experience the Local Cuisine

To make your visit even more memorable, you have the option to add a culinary experience to your tour at the time of booking. This could involve a wine tasting that lasts approximately an hour and a half at a local farm or winery, allowing you to indulge in the local food and wines.

Please note:

The cost of tastings and lunches is not included in the tour price. All tasting costs are payable directly to the winery.

We also strongly recommend reserving tickets to the Herculaneum Ruins in advance through the official website: https://www.ticketone.it/artist/scavi-ercolano/parco-archeologico-di-ercolano-988880/

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Ruins of Herculaneum

Where specialist knowledge is required, (Archeological Park, Museums, Historic Center), so we recommend an authorized tour guide. With us, it is possible to book a private guide at an additional cost.

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