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Capua Amphitheatre Tour: A Journey Back to Ancient Rome

Embark on our Capua Amphitheatre Tour. Little known to many, the city of Capua houses an ancient masterpiece that unquestionably deserves a visit. By booking our Capua tour service, you will reach the Capuan Amphitheatre in the comfort of our stylish and luxurious vehicles. Throughout the journey, our knowledgeable driver can provide insightful information about the site you will visit. As we traverse suburban roads with minimal traffic, you will soon find yourself in the heart of Capua, ready to admire the awe-inspiring exploits of Roman gladiators. This mystical and captivating location promises a memorable experience. Upon completion of your tour, our driver will be ready to take you back to your departure point. Keep in mind that you are within close proximity to other fascinating sites such as Caserta, allowing you to maximize your day with a comprehensive tour.

A Slice of History: The Capuan Amphitheatre, Home of the Gladiators

Nestled a few kilometers from the Royal Palace of Caserta, the region between Capua and Sessa Aurunca boasts a range of intriguing cultural attractions. At Piazza Adriano in Capua, the imposing Capuan Amphitheatre stands as one of the largest structures of its kind, rivaling even the iconic Colosseum in Rome in size. Likely dating back to the third century BC, this grand edifice has weathered multiple devastations and was subsequently rebuilt by Emperor Hadrian. Its columns and stones have been repurposed over time, contributing to the construction of many present-day buildings in the city. Adjacent to the amphitheatre is the remarkable Museum of the Gladiators. This amphitheatre witnessed the heroic feats of Spartacus, a renowned gladiator who battled against formidable beasts. A visit to both the Amphitheatre and Museum is highly recommended, with a total ticket price of just 2.50 euros per person.

Explore Nearby Locations and Other Tours

We remind you that numerous other noteworthy sites are situated near Capua. Below is a short list of nearby points of interest and some popular full-day tours. Depending on your time and preferences, you could reserve a full-day tour for a thorough and captivating exploration of the Capua area.

Indulge in Local Cuisine: Optional Lunch Nearby

To truly immerse yourself in the local culture, you might consider adding a culinary experience to your booking. For instance, a “pizza experience” for lunch provides a mouth-watering exploration of the region’s famed gastronomy. This culinary venture lasts about an hour and takes place at a local pizzeria. This is a chance to savor one of the area’s most beloved culinary offerings and enrich your understanding of the region’s food culture.


Lunch are not included in the price. The cost of lunch must be paid directly to pizzeria.

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