2023: Discover your Italian roots!

In Italy, the national tourist offering and the local tourist systems have largely adapted to the contemporary tourism new ways, characterized by facets that follow the needs and demand of tourists from all over the world and during all over the year, a seasonally adjusted tourism and free from a certain homogenization, which has surpassed the canons of the August holidays with seaside tourism or ski holidays in the ski season.

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The city of Caserta has ancient origins; the area on which the palace was built is part of a natural territory of archaeological importance where osci, samnites and romans have left evidence of their presence.

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Naples is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, dominated by culture, traditions, art and breathtaking views. Visiting this city will prove to be an unforgettable experience for anyone who is exploring it for the first time. Here is a guide to help you choose what to see in Naples. “See Naples and then die”. This is undoubtedly a proverb that helps to understand how fascinating this city can be. From breathtaking views to culture, there are so many things to see in Naples. We thought we’d create a short list that can suggest which places you really can’t miss during your vacation: what to see in Naples and what to visit.

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It is located in front of the Sorrento Peninsula, it is rich in archaeological remains from the Roman era, immersed in a nature of exceptional beauty, in the past it was chosen as a residence by artists from all over the world and still today it retains its worldly charm, in a nutshell : it’s Capri.

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Do you also dream of an on the road on the most beautiful state road in Italy? Well… who has never dreamed of it! The famous SS163 is certainly not a road like any other. It’s a riot of emotions that follow one another curve after curve, from Vietri to Positano or from Positano to Vietri… already because everything can change if you reverse the direction of travel!