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Vesuvius Tour Service | Explore an active volcano.

By booking, with our Vesuvius tour service you can explore an active volcano. The king of Naples, Vesuvius is the volcano that dominates the Gulf of Naples. Our driver will meet you at your accommodation or at the pick-up requested and from there you will leave to the top of Vesuvius. On the way to the peak, you can admire a breathtaking view and the bay of Napoli. Going up the road around the volcano, you can enjoy a rich Mediterranean vegetation, which covers the whole area of Vesuvius. Pay attention even, to the color and to the shape of the stones on the sides of the road. These rocks come from solidified lava over time and from ancient eruptions. Once we will reach the entrance, then you will continue by walk for about 900 meters. Our driver will wait for you until the end of the tour and will take you back to your destination.

Travel notes about tour

Vesuvius is almost 1280 meters high, and it is the only active volcano in Europe. It’s one of the most dangerous, because the territory at its feet is densely populated. In fact, the houses reach 700 meters high. During the eruption of 79 AD, entire cities, including Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabia, were destroyed. The last eruption occurred in 1944, during the Second World War. After the last eruption, Vesuvius began a phase of quiescence in which the eruptive vent is blocked by the lava of the last eruption. This phase, currently underway, is characterized by low seismicity and fumarolic activity. At present, the alert level of Vesuvius is GREEN, as established by the Department of Civil Protection, based on the results of monitoring, therefore do not report any abnormal phenomenon compared to the ordinary activity of the volcano. We remind the lands around volcano are very fertile in fact; many farm and winery located on Vesuvius produce excellent products exploiting the richness and fertility of the soil.

The walk around the diameter of the cone is not very difficult, but it is not for children under 5 years. We also recommend wearing comfortable shoes. The best time to visit Mount Vesuvius is from April to October.

As you can realize, there are many reasons that make this walk, a highly impactful and unforgettable experience. If you are interested in reaching and visiting Vesuvius, do not hesitate to contact us, for a quote without any obligation.

Tips about nearby place and others tour

We remind you that, there are others remarkable place to visit nearby Vesuvius. Below there is a short list with nearby points of interest and some popular full day tour. We suggest you to take a look to this list, and in according with your time and wishes, you could reserve a full day tour to a complete and interesting sight-seeing of Vesuvius area.

Optional lunch nearby

In according with your needs and wishes, at moment of booking you could add a culinary experience, such as a wine tasting. The culinary experience lasts about 1 hour and a half, at a farm or winery around the visited area. Lunch consists of tasting of local food and wines.


Tasting and lunch are not included in the price. The cost of tasting must be paid directly to winery/farm.
We highly recommend reserving tickets to Vesuvius, on official web site:

For any information on our Vesuvius tour, do not hesitate to contact us

Most popular full day tour

DURATION 8 hours
VESUVIUS + POMPEII from €350,00
VESUVIUS + STABIAE from €310,00
VESUVIUS + NAPLES from €350,00
BE WEAR Comfortable walking shoes
PRICE from € 200,00
AVAILABLE Available from March to November
LEVEL Medium


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Licensed Tour guide

Lunch and Wine testing
Visit of volcano

Where specialist knowledge is required, (Archeological Park, Museums, Historic Center), so we recommend an authorized tour guide. With us, it is possible to book a private guide at an additional cost.

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