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Tour of Positano, Sorrento and Pompeii a full-day of beauty. This brief descriptions provide a glimpse of the extraordinary places we aim to explore during our tour. If you’re eager to spend a memorable day with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our driver will pick you up from your chosen location, offering you a comfortable and stylish ride to each destination on your itinerary. Our vehicle, equipped with all the comforts you might need, will always be waiting for you at each stop, ready to take you to the next point of interest and, ultimately, back to your original location.


Situated in the mountains, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, Positano is such a picturesque and colorful village. Seen from the sea it looks like a large crib, a cascade of multicolored houses that descend along the slope. In fact, the village develops vertically. The houses, leaning against each other, are painted in pastel colors. The narrow streets with many boutiques, fall between the houses leading to the beach of Marina Grande. From here, the view is beautiful both towards the sea and towards the village that climbs the mountain. On the main square of Positano is the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta, already existing in the year 1000. The large dome covered with colored majolica makes it visible from every corner of the country. Beautiful beaches of Positano, within walking distance: Fornillo, Fiumicello, Arienzo. Enjoy your visit of Positano with us.


The city is perched on tuff rocks, overlooking the sea. The houses are circled by orange and lemon groves. Sorrento is a quiet center, enjoyable in every season for the mild climate. The tourist fame of the town was born in 800. The name Surrentum is perhaps connected to the legend of the mermaids. It was the favorite residence of the Roman aristocracy. The center of the town is Piazza Tasso, named after the monument dedicated to the author of the Jerusalem Liberata, born in Sorrento in 1544. The Duomo dates back to the 15th century. The remains of the past are kept in the Correale Museum. In 1700 is the church of San Francesco, from which you can reach the Villa Comunale, a public garden overlooking the sea that offers a spectacular view of the Gulf of Naples. From the villa, in a few minutes you can reach Marina Piccola, there is the port where ferries and hydrofoils leave for Capri and Naples. The largest beach is Marina Grande.


Pompeii is the most suggestive and famous archaeological site in the world. The eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. buried the city under a layer of ash and lapilli almost 10 meters thick. Most of the inhabitants escaped from their homes and died on the coast. The few who remained, tried to save themselves in the underground of the houses, died asphyxiated. Indeed, the casts of their bodies are a sad testimony to the tragedy. Walking through the Pompeian excavations is a unique experience. It is like taking a journey through time: you can breathe the atmosphere of life in antiquity. One of the most important buildings of Pompeii is the Villa dei Misteri, famous especially for its paintings. Particularly exciting is the visit to the Via dei Sepolcri, the road lined with funeral monuments that led to Herculaneum. Visiting Pompeii, you will see this and many other exciting finds.

Note: You can customize the itinerary of the tour according to your needs. For customers staying on a cruise ship in the Port of Naples, it is strongly recommended to follow the suggested itinerary. In fact, the first stop of the tour will be the furthest from the port, until the end of the tour with the nearest stop. This way you will be in time for boarding.

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  1. The cost of admission tickets to Pompeii is around 13 euros per person.
  2. You can buy tickets online and skip any queues waiting (recommended). Links to the official purchase sites. http://pompeiisites.org/
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