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Tour Pompeii, Herculaneum and Naples

With our company, you can spend about 8 hours among the archaeological parks of Pompeii and Herculaneum and the fantastic Naples. Once you meet the driver, you will leave towards the first stop of the tour: Pompeii. The visit will last about 2 hours. At the end, we will go to Herculaneum, the second stop. The archaeological park is just 20 minutes away. From here begins the Herculaneum tour, which will last about 1 hour and 40 minutes. Next, you will travel to Naples, the last part of the tour. You will cross the scenic area of the city, the main streets, and the most beautiful squares. You will dwell on the historic castles, the promenade and the monumental area. At the end of the car ride, our driver will accompany you to the entrance of the historic center and from there you will have free time to walk and discover the “belly” of Naples and maybe have a lunch in some historic pizzeria. At the end of the tour, you will meet the driver, in the prearranged place to be accompanied to your destination.

Pompeii, is the most fascinating and famous archaeological site in the world. Vesuvius of 79 A.D. buried the city under a blanket of ash and lapilli almost 10 meters thick. Most of the inhabitants fled from their homes and died on the coast. The few who remained, tried to save themselves in the underground of the houses, died asphyxiated. Indeed, the casts of their bodies bear witness to the tragedy. Walking through the excavations of Pompeii is a unique experience. It is like taking a journey through time: you can breathe the atmosphere of life in antiquity. One of the most important buildings of Pompeii is the Villa dei Misteri, famous especially for its paintings. Particularly exciting is the visit to the Via dei Sepolcri, the road lined with funeral monuments that led to Herculaneum. Visiting Pompeii, you will see this and many other exciting finds. The visit takes about 2 hours.

Herculaneum was flooded with mud and lava. King Charles of Bourbon ordered in 1738 the official start of the excavations. In 1927, the excavation of houses and public buildings began: the Forum in the north was the center of economic, social and political life, in the east the Gym, in the south the Baths. In Herculaneum, the rich Romans spent their holidays, as witnessed by the villas facing the sea. The streets, paved with Vesuvian lava or limestone, outline the characteristic road plot.
One of the most beautiful residences of the city is the house of the mosaic Atrium, which takes its name from the black and white floor. The Baths of the Forum were the main public baths of the city. Outside the walls, you can admire the suburban baths. The Villa dei Papiri, only partially excavated, can be visited. The visit to the excavations of Herculaneum takes 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Naples is a city of beauty, a mild climate, archaeological evidence, historical and artistic riches, food and wine heritage, great events of contemporary art, music, and entertainment. A place ready to enchant guests and travelers. The city of Partenope, from which the myth of Naples originated, is the capital of the South. The different dominations have given the city an immortal charm. Starting from the Greeks, who colonized the Gulf to head towards the others port of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
In 326 B.C., it was declared a Roman colony, and then Naples became the capital of an important Duchy, which managed to oppose the Lombards.
Later the Duchy came into the possession of the Normans. The port of Naples became the most important in the Mediterranean.
After the death of Frederick II of Swabia, Charles of Anjou made his triumphal entry into Naples in 1266.
The power then, passed into the hands of the Aragons, after a long war that reduced the kingdom to exhaustion. In a short time, however, the situation changed: massive works and renovations were carried out. Other works, such as the opening of Via Toledo and the construction of the Spanish Quarters were carried out during the two centuries of the Spanish Viceroyalty, until the arrival of the Bourbons, who ruled the Kingdom of Naples until 1860, when the Unification of Italy was realized. This is a summary of the history of Naples. You can experience this with our tour.

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Tour Pompeii Herculaneum Naples

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