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Capua amphitheater tour

Book our Capua Amphitheatre Tour. Few people are aware that there is a small Colosseum in the city of Capua. In fact, this city is home to an ancient masterpiece, which is definitely worth visiting. By booking our Capua tour service, you will reach the amphitheater Capuano, sitting aboard our comfortable and elegant vehicles. You will spend the time it takes to go to the ancient Capua, with our driver, who during the journey can give you some information about the place you will visit. Crossing suburban roads without much traffic, in a short time you will ride to Capua. So, prepare to revere the exploits of the Roman gladiators, as this is a truly mystical and fascinating place. At the end of the visit, you will find our collaborator, ready to bring you back to the place of departure. We suggest you consider that you are short distance of other interesting places, such as Caserta, so you can take advantage and book a full day tour with us.

A brief of history | Capuano Amphitheater, the house of Gladiators.

A few kilometers from Royal Palace of Caserta, the area between Capua and Sessa Aurunca offers some interesting point of interest cultural, in fact, in Capua at Piazza Adriano, the imposing Capuano amphitheater stands. It is one of the largest buildings of its kind, even rivaled in size with the Colosseum in Rome. Perhaps it arose in the third century BC. During the time undergone, various devastations and the Emperor Adriano rebuilt it. Its columns and stones contributed to the construction of many buildings in the present city. Next to the amphitheater, there is the beautiful Museum of the Gladiators. We remind you that, this Amphitheater saw the heroic deeds of Spartacus, a famous and courageous gladiator who also fought against fierce beasts. We believe that it is worth visiting the Amphitheater and Museum. The total price of ticket is 2.50 euro per person.

As you can realize, there are many reasons that make this tour. If you are interested in reaching and visiting the Capua’s Amphitheatre, do not hesitate to contact us, for a quote without any obligation.

Tips about nearby place and others tour

We remind you that, there are others remarkable place to visit nearby Capua. Below there is a short list with nearby points of interest and some popular full day tour. We suggest you to take a look to this list, and in according with your time and wishes, you could reserve a full day tour to a complete and interesting sight-seeing of Capua’s area.

Optional lunch nearby

In according with your needs and wishes, at moment of booking you could add a culinary experience, such as a “pizza experience” for lunch. The culinary experience lasts about 1 hour, at a pizzeria around the visited area.


Lunch are not included in the price. The cost of lunch must be paid directly to pizzeria.

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DURATION 8 hours
BE WEAR Comfortable walking shoes
PRICE from € 230,00
AVAILABLE Everyday of the year


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Amphitheatre Museum of Gladiators

Where specialist knowledge is required so we recommend an authorized tour guide. With us, it is possible to book a private guide at an additional cost.

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